The Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop

Presentation GuidelinesWorkshop

Oral Presentation

Oral presentations will take place in the Main Hall. The time allocated for a presentation is 25 minutes. Please complete your talk in about 20 minutes so that the audience and Session Chair will have a chance to ask questions.

We will provide a presentation computer from which your slides are shown via a data projector. The computer will be equipped with Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Power Point. Using your own computer is not encouraged unless for a strong reason, as it will delay the transitions between the presentations. Please upload your presentation slides during the registration time, the coffee break or the lunch break prior to your presentation slot and check that the presentation displays correctly. We have technical personnel to assist in case of problems.

Poster Presentation

Poster sessions will take place in the Collaboration Room. The dimensions of poster stands shall be announced in due course. Please set up your poster during the coffee break prior to the poster session. Each stand will be labelled with a number corresponding to the paper index.