The Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop


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Author Registration

Each accepted paper must be covered at least by one regular (non-student) registration (ISCA or non-ISCA) and presented during the conference. Authors must register by April 30, 2020. One author can cover multiple papers.

ISCA Grants

Odyssey is an ISCA-supported event. ISCA financially supports students and young scientists (age < 35) to participate in workshops and conferences organized or supported by ISCA. Exceptionally, researchers in special situations like unemployment or coming from low income-level countries may also apply. The support covers early registration and possibly accommodation costs, whereas travel expenses are covered only in exceptional cases. Applicants from all countries are eligible.

As a rule, grant applications are approved if they meet the requirements stated below depending on the available budget. Even applications not complying with all the requirements are considered and carefully evaluated and may still receive support.


  • Letter of acceptance of a paper to be presented
  • Mention of other funding being requested, awarded or rejected by other sources
  • No previous grants from ISCA
  • Preference given to applicants from areas needing greater support

To apply, please complete the Application Form and send it BY EMAIL ONLY to the ISCA Grants Coordinator, together with the documentation detailed in the form. Applications should be sent as early as possible and no later than the early registration date for Odyssey 2020: October 15, 2020. For further info, please go to the ISCA Grants web page.